Plant Medicine Yoga shares practical wisdom on living holistically and in harmony with mind, body, spirit, and Earth. 

Classes and workshops explore topics such as living sustainably in the modern world, meditation and breath work practices, the safe use of herbal remedies, traditional healing philosophies, energy work practices, living through the eight limbs of Yoga, and much more.

Retreats offer a full immersion into sustainable and holistic living, with a strong emphasis on cultivating practices that contribute to long term wellness. 

Through conscious gatherings, educational experiences, and wellness immersions, Plant Medicine Yoga aims to

empower individuals to thrive through the improvement of their total well being.




Plant Medicine Yoga founder, Eugenia Merkoulova, follows in the footsteps of five generations of Slavic medicine women. Born in Ukraine and raised outside of New York City, she was fortunate to experience not only a holistically minded but a

rich multicultural upbringing.

Eugenia's primary intention is to assist individuals in connecting with their core being so that they may live in alignment with their highest expression.

In her offerings, she fuses healing wisdom from the Eastern European traditions with that of the Yoga system, cross cultural energy work techniques, and planetary herbalism. 

Eugenia holds a double BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science, a Permaculture Design certificate, Hatha Yoga certificate, second degree Usui Reiki attunement and most recently completed a foundational Ayurvedic program. Currently, she is pursuing a double MS in  Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. 


"Pure Balance Yoga & Wellness is pleased to have had the opportunity to host Eugenia for a series of inspiring and dynamic workshops at our studio. Eugenia has the intangible "it" factor. A grounding and intriguing presence as she guides leaves you with a thought provoking experience. Her workshops are for all levels and are welcoming. We highly recommend!"


- Phaedra Hughes, Pure Balance Yoga & Wellness, Palencia, FL

"Through her guidance ,Eugenia has helped me to understand and place into context my thoughts, feelings, and actions. She is a gifted teacher and spiritual guide with an innate wisdom."


- Adam St. Simons, Salt Lake City, UT

"I am on a quest for knowledge about self. But not knowing what to do or how to do it was frustrating. Eugenia, through her presence and loving guidance is showing me the path to self discovery. She inspires me to have greater confidence while teaching me to listen to my own body, start to treasure it again, and to nurture it with whole foods while following my heart. Discovering Eugenia and her gifts was nothing short of a blessing. I now have a sense of moving forward in my life. Eugenia shares her powerful insight, love, passion and kindness which encourages me to take bigger steps. She has begun to guide me to a whole new outlook and understanding of what it truly means to work toward creating balance and wholeness in my life." 


- Diane Katz S., Jacksonville, FL

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